Forex Live Pre-Market Quotes (for free!)


Here is a quick screen capture I took last sunday before trading the gaps where I show how to get access to live pre-market quotes to gives you an edge before the market opens.  Well it just helps u getting ready to trade which pair, at which price and which volume, so you don’t miss something at the open.

I recommend clicking on the video to watch in bigger resolution, else you cannot see much.

Please feel free to comment if u have any questions !

Live forex trading example – sep 23rd gaps

So i just started posting on forexfactory’s forums, friday I posted about my live real money long trades on the GBP (GU and GY) but didn’t get any response 🙁
Anyways today right at the open the market went straight in my direction and I made my money in the first 12 minutes.
I actually recorded my screen and will be posting the video pretty soon so you can hear my sexy voice with amazing commentary from my part.
For now here are the trade screenshots from friday and then the exits from Sunday (few minutes ago).  I just added the video, hope u enjoy!

PS: If you have any comments/questions please feel free to post them..