Ok so you probably noticed I havent posted since 2013, well I have just made another 1 year world trip, met a lot of new people, tested new projects. All in all, very productive 14 months !!

BUT, I decided to give some feedback here again, and I have a very exciting (for me) project, wich is to have a online community / forum for traders…. who are actually making money on forex.
No EA selling.
No indicator selling.
No BS magic strategy selling.

It would be a private place where real traders share their real trades, with real profits.

Of course I would be the first to give feedback and post real trades.

This is coming very soon (next week!), but for now, here are a few photos from the last 14 months:
PS: just finally got myself a new camera, so things can get a little experimental…

3 thoughts on “BIG UPDATE 2014

  1. Hey mate, have been following your blog and reckon
    you seem like a cool stand-up guy- it’s refreshing to see a trader
    who values experiences and travel rather than cigar-chomping wannabe

    I noticed you mentioned an upcoming online community / forum
    for traders, and would be keen in joining if still available.
    Like you, I do fancy those gap trades :) – bagged a nice trend exhaustion
    pull-back on both AUD/USD and AUD/JPY last Monday, waited for
    end of Asian session to jump in and rode back up to good times :)

    Lockie Wilson.

    P.S. Pretty sure there will be some solid GBP gaps coming up this weekend,
    after the Scottish referendum :0 I find major fundamentals like war and elections can make picking moves a bit trickier- do you find this too?

    • Hey man, sry i have been extremely busy these last few months, I hope in 2015 I will have more time to focus on myself as I paused traveling like a hardcore backpacker and established myself in east-europe (wich is still thousand of kms from my hometown).

      I always avoided fundamentals by not trading during major news release. I dont pick moves, I just take the most probable trade and the best time in the market. BUT recently a friend of mine has been sucessfull a 100% fundamental strategy. I will make a post about it.

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