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I always wanted to be my own boss. Thats why I studied engineering because I aimed to create a product and my own company. But when I discovered trading at 18yo I understood this was made for me. I could work for myself, when I wanted (I hate waking up in the morning). Plus thanks to the internet, I could travel the world with just my laptop and some random wifi connections. There is a lot of bullshit in the forex world, and I aim to expose the scammers and tell you the truth about the market. I write about my own experience and I am not trying to sell you some crap miracle strategies. I also like traveling and will be using this blog to post about some amazing places I have been to 😉 PS: don’t forget to check out my travel photos, I update the gallery regularly ! = http://www.forextradingnomad.com/photos-from-my-travels/

You can write me an email at: lecourrielduadmin

11 thoughts on “About me / Contact

  1. Hi Nomad, Are you still out trading travelling? I came across your blog in a google search..I’m preparing to travel and trade leaving in a few months..I have ben trading form some years already and have a similar short trading style to yourself.
    If your still around out there in the world it be great to meet up and talk shop..I found it hard to find another experienced trader to have a face to face chat with in a social sense apart from seminars with newbies wanting to pick my brains for hot tips and fast money lol
    Im in Melbourne Australia probably heading to Asia first.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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