24feb gaps : probably the biggest sunday I ever traded

First let me say im late for posting, I have been very busy the last 2 weeks as I am planning another big world trip for 2 years. I will probably be flying straight to Bangkok thailand first, then head towards Europe for summer.

Thus I didnt have time to trade that much…… and on the 24th I made so much &#%*%# that it was ok with me.

It was to be honest probably the biggest gap trade I ever took.

What happened was talks about the next BOJ finance minister. Rumors. Chit-chat. Bla-blas. So obviously for me it wasn’t worth 200 pips of gaps !!!!

I shorted all the Yen pairs and mostly took a partial profit at 50% retracement. With that kind of pips, I dont even need to wait for the full retracement of the gap (wich can take more than a day in some cases).EJ 24feb gap UJ 24feb gaps AJ 24feb gaps cadj 24feb gaps